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Aloha Hypnosis helped me break the habit of drinking soda. I knew the sugar and caffeine weren't good for me, but I just couldn't break my habit.  With only one session, the hypnosis and coaching quickly helped me overcome the craving for soda.  I'm so amazed!  It really works!

-  J.P., Longmont, CO

    As a holistic health hypnosis and life coaching practice, we help you quickly identify and breakthrough unwanted habits, behaviors, and even limiting beliefs that sabotage you from achieving a healthy, active, and successful life in mind, body, and spirit!  

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When they told me I needed oral surgery with full anesthesia, I felt such anxiety.  Aloha Hypnosis prepared me so well before my surgery.  It helped me feel relaxed and calm throughout the procedure.  I was also surprised how quickly I healed.  Thanks!
- D.D., Longmont, Colorado

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      Aloha Hypnosis is a place of all natural solutions! Your own inner resources, wisdom, and intuition for well-being and positive change are expanded and supported using wellness tools such as hypnotherapy, life coaching, holistic nutrition, and Reiki energy healing!