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          Hypnotherapy, combined with life coaching, has been proven to be very effective in eliminating or improving emotional, behavioral, and physical health concerns.  The following lists suggest some of the areas where this natural healing approach has been successfully used around the world, and are offered at Aloha Wellness.  

          As stated by Board Certified Hypnotist, John Mongiovi, "Hypnotherapy has been approved by the medical and scientific establishment as far back as the nineteenth century, and especially since the 1950s. The world’s most respected medical associations have long recognized the validity of hypnotic phenomena and the effectiveness of hypnosis as a therapeutic intervention."  See John's website for a more detailed discussion of how and where hypnosis has been approved and effective within the British and American Medical Associations, and how medical schools are now integrating hypnosis training in their programs.  Hypnotherapy is no longer considered "complementary medicine" but as a viable and integrative tool in the whole person treatment and healing process.

Suggested Mind, Body, and Spirit Service Areas

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Areas of Specialized Training

Wellness Services 

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•  Overcome sleep problems
          - examples: drug-free support, naturally and automatically sleep more deeply
•  Medical & Dental Surgery Success
          - examples: drug-free support, pre-surgery: prepare with less anxiety,                                           during surgery: reduce anesthesia needs, experience                                                     procedure more calmly,
 post surgery: recover and heal more quickly                             with less medication; hypnobirthing
•  Improve Confidence
          - examples:  Improve personal or workplace relationships, improve public                                           speaking performance 

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•  Weight Management  

        - examples: release weight, add weight, increase motivation to          exercise, eat healthier, eliminate cravings
•  Quit Smoking 
•  Stress Reduction

       - examples: anger management, remove blocks to success  
•  Pain Management

      - examples: drug free support, migraine headache relief, back                           pain management 
•  Overcome Fears and Phobias      
•  Career Path and Goals

        - examples: improve organization, clarify personal passions

​•  Manage Life Transitions

        - examples: relationship changes, loss of loved ones or jobs,               financial challenges, fertility issues, parenting concerns

•  Improve Sports or Athletic Performance
•  Improve Learning

       - eamples: improve memory, reduce test anxiety
•  Open Creativity
      - examples: improve musical or dance performance, enhance                              visual arts expression  

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• NLP Practitioner

• Core Transformation

• PTSD and Trauma

• Medical Hypnosis

• Pain Management

• Timeline Regression

• Past Life Regression

• Spirit Releasement Therapy